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With a growing reputation and a calendar of regular events, the Eight Foundation is managed by Victoria Riggs, and monitored by a team of Trustees you can meet below.

Watch this short video to discover how the Eight Foundation is making a real difference to individuals and families through grants and support.

Our Trustees

Victoria Riggs

After an NHS career consisting of over 15 years in nursing, and taking time out to grow her family with her second child, Victoria was looking for a change of direction when her brother, Ian, told her about the need for a Manager for the Eight Foundation.

‘I knew from nursing about so many individuals, families and small charities in need of support, so I was excited at the idea of being able to help people in a new and exciting way,’ Victoria explains. ‘Because Ian had regularly spoken of his plans for a foundation, I had always known his vision and told him I wanted to support him in any way I could, so I was flattered and excited when he asked me to take the position.’

Starting her new role in 2018, Victoria is responsible for collecting and managing grants for Trustee review, liaising with benefactors and beneficiaries, leading the organisation of events such as the annual Fundraising Ball and Golf Day, and the creation of materials such as the Foundation’s newsletter. She makes sure all activities are recorded and has managed the creation and updating of this website since its launch at the start of 2020.

Victoria Riggs

Ian Riggs

Ian was the initial drive and visionary for the Eight Foundation long before its launch in September 2017 when he took the role as Chair of Trustees.

Ian’s previous experience in the charity sector includes trusteeship of The Elizabeth Foundation, the UK’s largest single provider of education services for babies and preschool children with hearing loss, and extensive fundraising for St James Place Charitable Foundation. His personal fundraising efforts have seen him take part in numerous charity runs, cycling challenges and even climbing Mount Everest.

As CEO of Eight Wealth Management, a Chartered Financial Planner and Chairman of the Trustees, Ian oversees the management, promotion and finances of the Eight Foundation. He chairs quarterly meetings, hosts events, acts as the face of the Foundation and ensures the matching of donations from Eight Wealth Management.

Ian Riggs

Storm Shepherd-Riggs

Storm has been a trustee since the Eight Foundation was founded in September 2017.
Storm was raised in what she calls ‘a tradition of giving’

“I was lucky to be raised by two of the most philanthropic people I know. My parents raised my siblings and I knowing the importance of giving back to your community. They installed the value of volunteerism and public engagement, ‘learning to give’ was a common saying in our home. Weekends were spent with my mother at the CWA coffee mornings and bake sales, helping my day at the Lions Club and the Rotary Club, Sunday’s were spent collecting for Action Aid and evenings writing letters with Amnesty International. A lifetime of watching and learning first hand how to give through them.”

Storm knew that her husband, Ian, had wanted to start his own foundation for sometime. “When he felt the time was right I was right by his side and am proud to be supporting him and the foundation to shape our vision and advocate for the foundation’s key issues.”

Storm contributes to the shaping of the foundation’s vision and strategies, meets with trustees quarterly to review applications, and ensures the foundation does what it sets out to achieve. “The people we support and the projects we back provide the best illustration of our commitment to our community.”

Storm Shepherd-Riggs

Nathan Geddes

Nathan Geddes is a founding Trustee of the Eight Foundation. Having worked in the military for over 20 years, he has been involved in various charity initiatives during his career, often helping local causes when visiting foreign countries.

Working in project management and compliance on a daily basis, Nathan’s experience, background and strong core values gives him a firm foothold to make informed decisions and assist in ensuring the Foundation is run effectively, compliantly and efficiently.

‘Having known and admired Ian’s charity work for many years, I was delighted when I was asked me to be part of the Eight Foundation,’ he says.’ As one of the trustees I have a deciding vote in awarding grants, which is my favourite part, planning fundraising initiatives and supporting the amazing work of the organisation in any way I can.’

Nathan Geddes

Kelly Sims

Kelly Simm is a British artistic gymnast. She is the 2015 Summer Universiade all-around champion, vault silver medalist, and floor bronze medalist. She represented England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, winning a gold medal in the team final, and competed at the 2015 World Championships where she won the bronze medal with the team.

Kelly Sims

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Fundraising Events

Baffin Challenge 2020 – cancelled due to Covid-19

Whilst we are sure that this will come as no surprise with the unfolding global crisis, it is with great disappointment that we confirm that our intrepid explorers Ian, Matt and Stuart will not be able to undertake the Baffin Challenge this month.

The combination of an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, the suspension of all global travel and unknown risks to health and wellbeing, has meant that, despite months of planning and training, our boys have had to let go their dreams of conquering the ice plains of the Canadian Island and the personal pride of rising to such a tremendous challenge.

For us as a charity, this is devastating news as the Baffin Challenge was set to be our biggest fundraiser ever, enabling us to make life-changing donations to the local causes you put forward for the Eight Foundation to support.

Once life has returned to normal, we will be reviewing whether it is possible for us to postpone, rather than cancel the Baffin Challenge, but, until then, all donations will be kept in trust by the Eight Foundation.

We will update you on our intentions as soon as is possible. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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