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On this page you will find all the events that we and are supporters are taking part in, hosting and/or
organising to raise funds for Eight Foundation. If you are planning something, make sure we know
about it by emailing [email protected]

Baffin Challenge 2020


Baffin Island trek 2020, 140 miles across the Arctic Circle in temps of -30


Saturday 18th April

Event Details

Baffin Island Expedition 2020
Three crazy friends, Stuart, Matt and Ian will do anything to raise money for Eight Foundation! In April 2020 they are once again attempting to trek across Baffin Island within the Arctic Circle, covering over 140 miles in less than 10 days in temperatures of -30 before windchill, all self-supported, pulling 85kg sleds!

All this to raise money for the Eight Foundation, a charity the boys are all passionate about, who are making a real difference to individuals and families through grants and support. Follow Stuart, Matt and Ian’s progress, with daily updates on their trainingand preparation for the big event, plus get involved in events andcompetitions in the run-up to the expedition!

The boys need your help – they will do all the hard work – risking lifeand limb in freezing temperatures, all you have to do is show your support and donate: 

Help the boys to raise much-needed funds for Eight Foundation, the Charitable Trust that is committed to making real differences in people’s lives through financial grants to causes relating to health, poverty and education.

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