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Baffin Challenge 2020 – cancelled due to Covid-19


Baffin Island trek 2020, 140 miles across the Arctic Circle in temps of -30


Saturday 18th April

Event Details

Whilst we are sure that this will come as no surprise with the unfolding global crisis, it is with great disappointment that we confirm that our intrepid explorers Ian, Matt and Stuart will not be able to undertake the Baffin Challenge this month.

The combination of an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, the suspension of all global travel and unknown risks to health and wellbeing, has meant that, despite months of planning and training, our boys have had to let go their dreams of conquering the ice plains of the Canadian Island and the personal pride of rising to such a tremendous challenge.

For us as a charity, this is devastating news as the Baffin Challenge was set to be our biggest fundraiser ever, enabling us to make life-changing donations to the local causes you put forward for the Eight Foundation to support.

Once life has returned to normal, we will be reviewing whether it is possible for us to postpone, rather than cancel the Baffin Challenge, but, until then, all donations will be kept in trust by the Eight Foundation.

We will update you on our intentions as soon as is possible. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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