R;pple is a local small charity in Stubbington, set up by Alice Hendy. 
Alice set up the charity as a legacy to her brother, Josh, who sadly took his own life in 2020. 
Following her brothers passing it came to Alice’s attention that Josh had been searching harmful materials on the internet , and with having a background in cyber security and IT she knew she had to make a change. 
Alice has now setup the charity R;pple.

R;pple is a software tool designed by Alice to provide an interception to anyone who may find themselves attempting to search of harmful materials. 

Once R;pple is installed any attempt to search relevant harmful content becomes unachievable, as instead of directing them to the site, a message of hope pops up! Providing support and relevant help lines.
The team at The Eight Foundation found Alice’s story extremely inspiring , the fact that she has channelled her grief into helping others and preventing them from the experiencing pain that she and her family have is admirable. 

When we first met Alice , The Eight Foundation thought… “how can we help?”
With Alice working full time at her day job and volunteering her spare time with R;pple , we noticed she was podcasting from her bedroom and had very limited space. 
The Eight Foundation provided R;pple with a grant to build an office space purely for the charity in Alice’s back garden.  This gives her and her staff a separate space to work and really focus on making R;pple a success. 

 We are extremely proud to support this local charity , thanks to all your donations. 
To find out more about R;pple please visit www.ripplesuicideprevention.com

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