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Lana’s Story

Meet Nickki and Lana….

Lana is 8 year old local girl who has battled with medical conditions, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy and developmental delay, since she was born needing withdrawal from drug and alcohol addiction.  With an outlook that was thought to be pretty bleak, (doctors doubted Lana would be able to walk, talk or  eat independently) social services had the difficult task of finding her an adoptive home.

Nickki is a mother who tragically lost her daughter, Sara, in 2011. After finding her way through her grief,  she knew she wanted to continue caring and thought of doing some respite fostering as her house was fully adapted for children with additional needs and disabilities.

After being asked to meet Lana, Nickki instantly fell in love with her. Initial fostering turned to adoption and, when Lana was 3 years old, Nickki officially became her Mummy and she had found her forever home. Thanks to the wonderful combination of Nickki’s love, care and support  and Lana’s incredible strength and determination, Lana not only eats and communicates, but also attends school!

Wanting to continue her phenomenal  progress, Nickki is started to investigate SDR surgery which could see Lana potentially walking on her own. This is where the Eight Foundation were contacted.

Nickki told us about a piece of equipment called an ‘IKAN brace’, which would help Lana gain strength before and after her surgery and, in the longer term, allow Lana to stand. We purchased the brace without hesitation and made a visit to see how Lana was doing.

We could not believe our eyes as we saw Lana standing unaided at the kitchen sink in her brace washing up! The more time Lana spends in this brace the stronger she will become and Nickki hopes she will able to start taking steps in the brace.

‘I honestly can’t thank The Eight Foundation enough for supporting Lana,’ says Nickki. ‘The IKAN brace is a complete game changer for Lana, making such a difference to our lives already. To see Lana standing and doing the washing up (she loves to wash up!) is incredible.  I’m sure this brace is going to do amazing things for her… thank you just doesn’t seem enough “

We are so proud to help Lana on her journey to walking. If you would like to as well, please visit and share Nickki’s fundraising page, where she is trying to raise £45,000 to privately fund Lana’s Surgery (she does not qualify for it on the NHS) at https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Lanasdesiretoaimhigher?fbclid=IwAR0IXgaESsp4J01P2WWDR9pW-BI-fhhTg_WcN8OYzu8gln1zHakpeomOtBI 

Thank you Matt!

It is with sadness, but immense gratitude that we are announcing that after over two years with the Eight Foundation, Matt Riggs is to stand down as one of our Trustees.

Having been with us since our launched in September 2017, we couldn’t let him leave without marking the occasion with a little retrospective and so took him to one side for a little farewell chat.

We are so sorry to see you leave the Board of the Eight Foundation, Matt, but we understand that you are moving on to pastures new and wanted to ask you a few questions before you go.

Firstly, what has been your proudest achievement as Trustee of the Eight Foundation?

I think it has been the setting up of the charity as an independent organisation, establishing the structure in which it now operates and welcoming and supporting Victoria as Foundation Manager

Can you give us an example of an activity you personally helped manage?

Taking a team of eight on a cycling challenge from Vienna to Prague. We covered 340 kilometres and saw some beautiful sights – it was an amazing adventure.

Have you undertaken any personal fundraising challenges?

Loads. I took part in a boxing match, cycled 1000 miles in a month, and most recently completed the ‘Baffin and Back’ challenge. I was gutted that I am not standing down after conquering Baffin Island due to Coronavirus, but we adapted the challenge so we still raised over £5,000 which, in the current climate, I think is pretty impressive.

What is his favourite memory connected with the Eight Foundation?

I have two. One was telling a lad called Ben and his Mum that the Foundation was funding a specialised wheelchair he desperately wanted, and the other was handing out over 100 homeless essentials packs to those living on the streets of London. It’s things like that, were you can see the difference you are making right in front of you, that are truly humbling and will stay with me forever.

 What do you feel the Eight Foundation stands for?

For me, the Eight Foundation is based on the fundamental idea of giving something back to the community, and to smaller, independent and individual causes that might get overlooked because they don’t have the resources of big charities.  Putting a smile on a faces of a family or colleagues who work to help others is really fulfilling.  We are heading towards difficult times, lives are going to change and I think we all need to find ways to support each other.

We know that you are standing down as Trustee, but this isn’t goodbye, is it?

Of course not, I’ll still get involved in fundraising, but as life and its commitments change, I wanted to stand down and maybe leave the space for someone with new ideas to have a turn.  I have really enjoyed my time as Trustee, feel as if I gave it 100% and will still be supporting whenever I can.


Kye is  a young lad who is 12 years old and was reffered to us here at The Eight Foundtionn in October of 2019.

Kye contracted meningitis in March 2016 which resulted in him losing all four limbs to the disease, however depsite this Kye is a very up beat and positive young lad who takes everything in his stride.
Kye’s family recently fundrasied for a bionic arm to be made for kye.. when we hard about Kye at the foundation we were all very excited to help.
After a discussion with Kye’s Mother it was decided we would purchase all the physio equipment that Kye requires to have at home so he can continue physio outside of his sessions.


Harry lives locally in Portchester and was referred to us at The Eight Foundation in July of 2018.

Harry is currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumour, after learning how incredibly brave Harry has been and his absolute love for Spiderman, Victoria & Ian went and met with harry and his family and presented them with tickets to meet his idol in Disneyland Paris!
This mean the family could all spend time together away from hospital life and build those all important memories.

The Playhouse Foundation

The Playhouse Foundation are an organisation covering Hampshire based areas who support children with Autism through their specialised ABA programmes.

The programme provides specialised provision and social inclusion for young children with autism in order to improve functional daily living, communication and interactive Play skills.
Like with anything the programmes comes at a cost with some families unable to afford the course privately so when the Playhouse Foundation was referred to us in
February of 2019 we were overwhelmed at the work they do and granted them with £9000 to sponsor three little boys called Liam, Leighton & Raem to access the programme.

Act Of Kindness

Act of kindness is a small local charity based in Fareham, Hampshire.

They look to support the local community with the help of the community, Kerry who runs the charity is an ex police officer and started up the charity a few years ago with a vision of filling of increasing the community support within Fareham and surrounding areas.
They work together to support those living in poverty whether its new furniture, clothes, food, household items and anything people may need.
The local community really do pull together and it was truly inspiring to see so it was an absolute pleasure for the Eight Foundation to cover the rent payments of £500 per month on their much needed new community storage centre and hub for the foreseeable future.

Hannah’s Holiday Home

Hannah’s Holiday Home is a local charity set up in in memory of Hannah a local young girl from Waterlooville, Hampshire who sadly passed away from Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 10 years old.

Hannah would often fundraise for the children’s ward and her parents felt like starting up the charity of Hannah’s holiday home would be a perfect legacy for Hannah
The charity provide much needed respite breaks away for families with children undergoing treatment for cancer and other life limiting illnesses across all three of their holiday homes.
When they were referred to the Eight Foundation back in September 2018 the trustees were blown away by their efforts and granted them with £10,000 to spend on sending 24 families away on a much needed break together in 2018/2019.
Again in November 2019 The Eight foundation were in touch with Hannah’s Holiday home again and successfully granted them with a further £5000 to send 12 families away in 2020.

New Wheels for Hampshire Harriers

Members of wheelchair basketball team ‘Hampshire Harriers’ are delighted to have received specially designed sports chairs, courtesy of a £5,000 donation from The Eight Foundation.

Two members of the Hampshire Harriers will be in the best position to help maintain the team’s premier status in the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association (GBWBA) league, thanks to a donation from the Eight Foundation.

Sam Hill, 18, and Tanya Surtees, 28, have been playing for the basketball club for the past four years and now have RGK and PER4MAX wheelchairs, specially designed for the sport with indoor tyres, fixed frames and bumper bars.

The club, which has now been running for over 30 years, promotes and supports wheelchair basketball for not only competition, but also improving the general fitness of its players aged from 14 to 72 years old. The club’s two teams are both currently top of their leagues, national Division 3 and Division 4 South West.

‘The success of Hampshire Harriers, both in terms of team performance and individual stories is inspirational,’ says Victoria Riggs, Co-ordinator of the Eight Foundation, the charitable fund of Eight Wealth Management in Whiteley committed to supporting local charities and individuals, principally in areas of health, disadvantage and education.

‘When the club was nominated for attention by one of our donors, our trustees immediately approved our support for such a fantastic enterprise with admiration and best wishes.’

‘We are really grateful to the Eight Foundation for such a generous donation,’ says Mark Dent, Head Coach of the Hampshire Harriers. ‘Donations such as these are vital for helping us keep on top of our game and offer the physical, mental and social benefits of playing to as many people as possible.’


With the assistance from the Eight Foundation I have been able to get back to living my life with joy & purpose. Not only has the Eight Foundation supported me with a Financial Grant which aided me to secure a Prosthetic Running Blade but also with positive motivation & following my journey. Since my lower leg amputation I have been able to complete multiple days sailing, ride my bike, swim & get back to my true passion running. I am now competing at Para Triathlon & was joined by some of the Eight Foundation Team on my first Golden Mile Running Race.

Lloyd Durham

With the assistance from the Eight Foundation I have been able to get back to living my life with joy & purpose. Not only has the Eight Foundation supported me with a Financial Grant which aided me to secure a Prosthetic Running Blade but also with positive motivation & following my journey. Since my lower leg amputation I have been able to complete multiple days sailing, ride my bike, swim & get back to my true passion running. I am now competing at Para Triathlon & was joined by some of the Eight Foundation Team on my first Golden Mile Running Race.

Lloyd Durham

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